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Reptile fairs in 2019

January 2019
20-01 Reptile fair Gorinchem (NL)

February 2019
03-02 TER Reptile fair Hasselt (B)
10-02 TER Reptile fair Zwolle (NL)

March 2019
17-03 Reptile fair Breda (NL)
31-03 Reptile fair Arnhem (NL)

April 2019
21-04 TER Reptile fair Houten (NL)

May 2019
19-05 TER Reptile fair Gent (B)

June 2019
23-06 TER Reptile fair Houten (NL)

July 2019

August 2019
18-08 TER Reptile fair Hasselt (B)

September 2019
22-09 TER Reptile fair Houten (NL)

October 2019
13-10 ESS Snake Day, Houten (NL)
20-10 TER Reptiele fair Zwolle (NL)

November 2019
17-11 TER Reptile fair Gent (B)

December 2019
01-12 TER Reptile fair Houten (NL)