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Contents of issue nr. 3, Volume 37

Experience is the best teacher
Nel Verveen

How Bert Verveen and me tried to understand Boidae
Em. Prof. dr. Tjard de Cock Buning

Search for pure origin boas
Erwin J. Al

Breeding with Boa constrictor
Robert-Jan Compier

Morelia spilota spilota, (Lacépède, 1804)
Cees van Riel

Acrantophis dumerili (JAN, 1860), breeding, reproduction and biology of the Duméril boa, the unloved Malagasy
Guillaume Bosch

Thailand, the home of the Giant snake
Panithi Laoungbua

Interview of Cees A.P. van Riel
Ruud de Lang

A python with bonus
Ron Bronckers


Nice to know
An encounter of a lifetime
Sterrin Smalbrugge

Sterrin Smalbrugge, Het grote reptielenboek
Marcel van der Voort