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Litteratura Serpentium

The European Snake Society publishes every three months the herpetological magazine Litteratura Serpentium. This magazine is in Dutch and English as well. The editors are:

Dr. Marcel van der Voort
Kranenvenweg 10
5724 PN Asten
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 493 691 993

Dr. Tom Hellebuyck

Richard de Jong, BSc

Anton van Woerkom

Editorial co-operators: ir. Erwin Al, Raymond Kuijf, Ruud de Lang, Sander van Tongeren, Jeffrey Visser, prof. dr. ir. René van der Vlugt, Soleya Witte, Jan-Willem Wolters.

The editors are assisted by a loyal team of authors, translators and correctors. If you like to contribute to the publication of Litteratura Serpentium, don't hesitate to contact one of the editors. The contents of Litteratura Serpentium has in view to inform the starting snake keeper and the more experienced as well about the keeping and breeding of snakes and about their cultural-historical background.